Our Facility


Rachel’s Homeopathy & Holistic Health – A new and modern multi disciplinary clinic with a team of holistic doctors and therapists.

We have professional practitioners who walk the extra mile looking into the needs of patients and provide a complete health care solution.

We are located in a busy plaza, surrounded by several businesses (retail, pharmacy, law offices, etc). Strategically located on the South West corner of Hurontario St. and Lancashire Lane,(just one block south of Steels Ave. and Hurontario Street). Our clinic has an incredible main street exposure in a mature community setting



  •  Open 7 days a week
  •  We speak many languages -English, French, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Konkani, Punjabi etc
  •  Conveniently located
  •  All the services are mostly covered by insurance
  •  Weekly wellness workshops/seminars for the community ( IN & OUT )
  •  Corporate wellbeing seminars for the companies
  •  Affordable rates
  •  Cyber clinic /virtual
  •  Located on a TTC route
  •  Plenty of parking
  •  Evening and weekend hours
  •  Comfortable waiting room.
  •  Phone sessions for those with geographical or other obstacles to in-office appointments
  •  Outside office( with in 10km reach)
  •  Medical office Assistant services.
  •  Billing third parties.( MVA/HCAI/WSIB/FSCO)
  •  Direct billing – TELUS
  •  Spacious furnished room with massage table, chairs, and storage space.
  •  All clinic newspaper and internet advertising, including website profile.
  •  Debit/Credit Card machine and associated fees.
  •  You will become a respected member of a multi-disciplinary team with the opportunity to interact with clinic personnel that have over 23 years of combined experience.


Before the initial visit with you it is important that you spend the time to fill out my intake forms (download from patient forms) or arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill it out at my clinic location. If you have any copies of recent blood work or tests please bring those in as well. During this visit we will be asking various questions to get the holistic picture of what is going on in your health. We will also perform a complaint oriented physical examination and provide a basic treatment plan.


These appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes. Follow up visits can be conducted in office or by phone. Check the online booking schedule for phone availability as they are provided on different days and times than in office times. This allows for continuous care and treatment follow-up. Follow up visits are more frequent at the beginning but as our journey to wellness proceeds they get spaced out to a couple times per year.


  • Most of the alternative /holistic or complementary therapies are not covered under OHIP, but rather through your extended health benefits.
  • Check your coverage today!
  • Most are covered for 80-100% of visit.
  • If you don’t use it, you lose it!


Begin your journey to wellness by booking an appointment directly online, by email or by calling the clinic.


24 hours notification of cancelling or re-scheduling are required to avoid a cancellation fee, charged to you personally. Failure to attend the appointment without prior notice will also result in a fee. If you are scheduled for more than one appointment on the same day, or are scheduled as a family, more notice may be required.

We thank you and look forward to helping you on your path to wellness. Call Rachel’s Homeopathy & Holistic Health today!

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