North American Academy of Traditional Healing Arts!

Our story:

The founder of NAATHA Prof.V.Rachel Fernandes is an international homeopathy practitioner and world renowned teacher who has created a unique educational program in the field of traditional healing arts for North American students. Her journey from mere a teacher of a medical college to becoming the director of her own holistic centre in Canada named Rachel’s Homeopathy & Medical Aesthetic Spa describes her struggles, perseverance and skills.

NAATHA is a non profitable organization that strives to achieve and develop, education and research in Homeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Unani and other Indigenous medicine systems.


To transform health through being an international TCAM (Traditional, Complementary, Alternative Medicines) Center of Excellence in Education, Research and Clinical Care.


  • To be a centre of excellence, in TCAM Education and Research.
  • To be progressive in providing holistic health care services, responsive to society’s needs, through Holistic practices.
  • As a non profitable organization, to be a pioneer in reaching out to the underprivileged.


  • To train men and women in TCAM medicine and develop in them such skills as are needed to render effective health care to the suffering humanity.
  • To involve the staff and the students in various Research projects in order to promote the science and art of TCAM.
  • To promote the science and system of TCAM and to put it to service of common man.


  • Online
  • In class


Traditional Alternative Complementary Medical Practitioner program (TCAM) under following specialities.

        • Preliminary certificate course in homeopathy
        • Homeopathy diploma program – DHMMS( Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Medical Sciences) – 3-4 Years
        • Advanced Homeopathy diploma program for health care professionals/Medical doctors – 1-2 Years
        • Advanced Homeopathy diploma for naturopathy doctors/students – 1-2 years
        • Homeopathy diploma e-learning courses – 3-4 years
        • Homeopathy post grad courses – 1-2 years
        • A fellowship Homeopathy dip program clinical training/internship – 1 year
        • Homeopathy refresher program – 1 Year
        • Veterinary Homeopathy – 1 year
        • Continued medical education – CME’S
        • Certificate programs
      • AYURVEDA(under development)
      • SIDDHA ( under development)
      • UNANI ( under development)
      • YOGA& NATUROPATHY ( under development)

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