Integrated Trichology Treatment

Integrated Trichology Treatment– Hair & Scalp Care

The word ‘trichology’ refers to the science that diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. In other words, a trichologist is a hair and scalp health expert. A combination of the Greek word tricho, meaning hair, and logy which stands for science, trichology remains an undiscovered field at the junction between dermatology and cosmetology.

Hair fall treatment:

The causes as well as the symptoms of hair loss are different for each individual. Therefore, the treatment for hair fall should also be unique for everyone with hair fall problems. A personalized approach is most effective when it comes to hair fall treatment. Using the winning combination of homoeopathy, trichology and technology at our center we can assure you safe, effective and long-lasting hair fall solutions.

When would you consult a trichologist?

Well, in several instances. For example, if your hair seems lacking in vitality, you have noticed abnormalities on the scalp or if you are concerned with unexpected hair loss. You’d even talk to a trichologist if you simply want to inquire about preventive treatment that would keep your hair vibrant and healthy.Homeopathy forms the main line of treatment for different types of hair loss, such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, tinea capitis, trichotillomania and so on.

Qualified Trichologist will give you an in-depth consultation that includes a digital microscopic analysis of your hair and your scalp. He/she will provide you with information on diet and lifestyle changes that may help manage your disorder. Plus, the Trichologist can talk to you about treatment options that may include hair detoxification, low light laser therapy, scalp exfoliation, stress therapy treatments, topical solutions, and other treatments. Additionally, the Trichologist will work with other medical professionals and nutritional experts to develop a hair loss solution plan that is customized just for you.

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