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Cell wellbeing – Epigenetic Mapping technology

You can obtain your own comprehensive ‘Optimized Wellness Plan’ in less than 15 mins, via a non-invasive process, with our German Epigenetic


Cell Wellbeing’s epigenetics-based technology analyzes a small live hair sample to generate a comprehensive 30+-page personalized wellness report in just 15 minutes.
Reports are easy to follow and provide valuable insights and easy to follow guidance to let your patients or clients prioritize their lifestyle choices. Empowering choices for optimized living

In all aspects of daily life, we are subject to the effects of diet, environment and lifestyle and the impacts that these have on the way our genes express. As a result, nearly all people on the planet are living in a less than optimum state and not reaching their epigenetic potential.
At Cell Wellbeing, we aim to empower and educate individuals on the relevant factors and how they can change these and take back control of their lives.

Optimization reaches into all aspects of daily life, at home, work, leisure and performance.
Cell Wellbeing has dedicated 10 years of research developing a system designed to highlight individual epigenetic indicators which are specific to each person, like their genes or thumbprint.
The information is used to create tailored nutritional reports based on meeting the epigenetic needs of that person and for 90-days thereafter.

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